Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Business How Do Freelance Recruiters Work?

Freelance recruiters are professionally trained people who know the art of recruitment like the back of their hand. These Freelance recruiters could be of various types. They can be free individuals working on their own or could be affiliated with placement agencies and cells. It is said that recruitment is a definite principle in its own right. You need not be an HR to do recruitment. It is a technical job that has its own set of requirements, fulfilling which will close the vacant positions of a company.

There are a few stages of recruitment that if understood properly and of carried out with care can get the job done with perfection.

Different Stages of Recruitment Cycle

The following are some of the stages of a recruitment cycle

• The very first stage of the recruitment cycle begins with the generation of the vacant position in the company. This is a stage that is under the control of the company HR.

• In the second stage, the company Hr prepares a job role and the details of the candidate profile that will be required for the position.

• In the third stage, the Freelance recruiter is included with the requirements passing onto him or her.
• From now on it is the task of the Freelance recruiter to close the position.

• As the first step, the Freelance recruiter tries to source resumes. Different sources are used for the task such as portals and also newspaper ads. This is an expensive proposition and comes with a substantial cost element.

• In the next stage, the received resumes are screened and shortlisted candidates are called for an interview.

• The preliminary rounds are conducted by the recruiters and then they are passed on to the senior department managers.

• At this stage, the Freelance recruiter mainly takes care of the coordination part and ensures that all the rounds of interviews are carried out with precision.

• In the next step when the corporate HR has the number and the contact of the candidate, the selected candidate is extended an offer and his or her reference check is conducted.

• The recruiter is intimated about the joining date of the candidate.

• In the final stage, it is the job of the Freelance recruiter to maintain a liaison with the candidate and ensure that he or she joins the company on the date mentioned in the offer letter.


The services of the Freelance recruiter happen to be quite valuable for the company. These services ensure that the most befitting candidate reaches the right vacancy in a company. The recruiter serves to be the much important bridge between the candidates and the companies in the final job market.

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